• Highlights and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions from Parents and Students

    Agriculture and agri-business at Healy--
    Students design and plant in the school greenhouse garden, which includes many varieties of vegetables, annuals, and perennials. We also learn to make centerpieces, corsages, bud vases and boutonnieres. In the spring, we have added a landscaping unit where the students will learn the proper techniques for laying pavers and building a wall. We use a digital laser to learn to level an area.
    Building a Community--
    In just the last 7 years, Pierz Schools have hired 25 teachers who now live in the Pierz Area. If you also include all other staff, just since 2010, Pierz Schools have hired more than 40 other employees who live in the Pierz area.
    Do I pay a lot for school taxes?
    No. Residents of the Pierz School District are paying significantly less property taxes for schools than residents of surrounding districts and less than the state average. On average, approximately $2,664 per student in local property taxes are collected from Minnesota residents; $928 per student is collected from Pierz District residents.

    In total school property taxes, Pierz residents pay less than all other nearby districts and less than the state average. ​
    Healy High School
    • We offer more than 30 college credits for classes taken right in our buildings, so students do not have to leave school to get an early start on college.  Students get a head start on college while at Pierz Schools.  The parents save on tuition because you do not have to pay for those classes, then when they go on to college.
    • We provide a strong College Prep Academic track.  We offer multiple Advanced Math, College Trig, College Algebra, College English, Physics, Chemistry, Bio-Genetics and College Sociology and Psychology and a wide range of Academic Courses for students.
    • We maintain a strong Vocational Education Program.  We have continued our strong commitment to vocational courses while others have cut those departments.  We have:  Log Furniture, Metal Shop Courses, Multiple Welding Courses, Cabinetry, Computer Aided Drafting for Architects, Engineers and Construction Managers, Auto Mechanics Class, as well as variety of Ag courses including Landscaping, Natural Resources, Electricity and others.  We offer one of the few aluminum TIG Welding high school experiences anywhere.  St. Cloud Vo Tech has certified our welding program so students receive college credit for taking the program at Pierz.
    • We give practice tests for the ACT, support children with help in college selection, financial aid information, and time to spend exploring college options and other careers.  We operate a Career Center where students can come and explore careers and access college information.
    • Our Athletic Teams have received State-Wide Acclaim.  We provide a full array of sports for all grades 7-12, with excellent coaching all the way through our system.  Our Fees for Sports are among the lowest in the area.  We maintain very high student participation and do not cut students from any of our teams.
    • We provide an activity bus to bring children home to support students’ after-school activities.
    Pioneer Elementary School
    • Our Elementary Class Sizes are very small compared to other districts.  Range is from 18 to 25 per classroom.
    • We offer a comprehensive preschool program for children ages 4 and 5.  This program includes Transportation, Lunch, and 2 days per week of school time with a Licensed Teacher.
    • We offer All Day - Every Day Kindergarten at no cost.
    • All K-6 Elementary Students get regular Computer Lab time, Music from a Licensed Music Teacher, Phy. Ed. from a licensed Phy. Ed. Teacher and access to Band Lessons and Musical Performances.
    • Our Libraries and Media Centers are excellent.  The Media Specialists in each school are experienced, know each child and work with them, and they are highly trained technology experts as well.  Each Library has computer stations throughout the main rooms as well as adjacent computer labs.
    • Extra adults like paras and grandmothers and our volunteers help us truly give that special individual attention that our youngest ones need.  We take great pride in our ability to make each child comfortable and love our school.
    • Our students produce a first class Elementary Musical Production.  We continue with Drama and Musicals throughout grade levels as well as a strong Choir and Band program.